Dominik Told

Bass Lecturer

North Italian born, Dominik Told lived and worked in London (UK) for 9 years and is now settled in Berlin (DE). Playing the classical guitar from the age of 9 and the electric guitar from the age of 11, he started picking up the bass when he was 13. Having found his instrument, he moved to London to study at the University Of West London.

Graduating from the Higher Diploma in Popular Music Performance he moved on to the Bmus(Hons) course, which he finished in 2013. During his studies, Dominik got involved in several projects and found new interests in Music Technology and recording. This gave him several opportunities to show his skills as a producer, engineer and mixer (sometimes all three at the same time) recording different bands and vocalists in different styles of music.

With the foundation of his studies and the experience he gained by playing a vast amount of performances in all kinds of styles, it was only natural to develop a hunger for composing. He found his place in the film, TV and gaming industry and is now composing as much as he is playing live around the globe. On top of all that, recording live videos for artists and editing them together has become more of a part time job than a hobby.

These skills allow him to deliver a product which is professional, musical, great sounding and most importantly fun.

  • Berlin, Bass