Student visa Information

Studying in UK as a BIMM student

EU nationals

As a national from a country in the European Union (EU) you should only need a valid passport to enter the UK, Ireland or Germany.

Students who begin their UK studies in the academic year 2018/19 will continue to be able to access funding support. This funding will be available for the full duration of their course.

The following links may be useful to you:

Sign up for updates on Brexit, sent from the UK government, via this link:

An article from the UK Council for International Student Affairs regarding the impact of Brexit on EU students:–Advice/EEA–Swiss-Students/EU-Referendum-what-we-know-for-EU-students


We have created a dedicated Brexit information page to address an queries you may have in terms of your application to BIMM.

European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss Nationals

If you are an EEA or Swiss national then you will need a valid passport or national identity card before you can enter the UK. You will then be able to enter the UK freely and have automatic right of residence for up to three months. After three months, you must be in the UK exercising a right to reside. You will have a right to reside temporarily (for the duration of your course) as long as you:

  • Enrol at BIMM
  • Meet the requirements for comprehensive sickness insurance. You’ll have met these requirements if you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You must obtain an EHIC before you leave your country of residence.


If you can’t get an EHIC or if your stay in the UK will be permanent then you must buy separate insurance. Check the latest information on your right to reside in the UK before you travel.


Non-EU/EEA applicants

In order to make your transition as smooth as possible, our Admissions Team can offer advice about studying in the UK, Ireland and Germany. If you are a non-EU/EEA applicant then it is likely that you will require a study visa to attend BIMM. The time to process visa applications varies by country, so you must allow sufficient time to apply for a visa in advance of departing your home country.

Please contact the relevant BIMM college for more information.

BIMM campuses in the UK

If you are a Non-EU/EEA applicant, you may need to obtain a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK full-time. If in doubt, click here to check if you need a visa.

BIMM Tier 4 Sponsor Licence covers all courses offered at London, Bristol, Manchester campuses, as well as BIMM Brighton Degree courses.

*Please note that BACA, BRICTT and PG Cert courses are not available under Tier 4 Visa.

It is important that you research what Tier 4 status entails, as there are some strict guidelines and requirements that you will need to adhere to. Please find Tier 4 Policy Guidance here. Be aware that it is being updated regularly.

Immigration rules may seem complex to understand so we have compiled a helpful Tier 4 FAQ Document, where you can find further information on Tier 4 (General) Visa application processes. Additionally, our Tier 4 Compliance Guide outlines the rules and regulations which will apply to you, should you obtain a Tier 4 Visa supported (sponsored) by BIMM.

Immigration Health Surcharge (UK visa applicants only)

The health surcharge is payable by non-EEA nationals who apply to study in the UK for a time-limited period of more than 6 months. It will also be paid by non-EEA nationals who are already in the UK and apply to extend their stay. Applicants must ensure they have completed their immigration application and paid the surcharge.

*Please note that under the current UK Home Office visa guidelines, Tier 4 Visa students sponsored by Private Education Provider, such as BIMM, are not entitled to work whilst in the UK. Students are not permitted to render services as professional entertainers.

Please email [email protected] to request a checklist of documents required for CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) and Tier 4 Visa requirements.

BIMM campuses in Germany

You must ensure that you have been awarded your study VISA before travelling to Berlin or Hamburg to begin the course. Students cannot under any circumstances start at BIMM Berlin and BIMM Hamburg using a tourist VISA, even if the decision on your study VISA is pending. If your application is unsuccessful, please let us know and we will investigate the situation for you.

For more information on the EU visa application process please email [email protected].

BIMM Dublin

For more information on the Irish visa application process please email [email protected].

Further information on visas for our degree courses can be found with our validating partner, Technological University Dublin here.