Residence Permit Requirements

Registering with the Berlin Registration Authorities

All students (EU, EEA and Switzerland) must register with the local Berlin Registration Authorities within two weeks of arrival. These registration authorities are known as Einwohnermeldeamt or Burgeramt. This link provides an example of a typical Berlin Burgeramt and the information required in order to process your registration.

EU citizens and EEA citizens require no residence permit – you are, however, required to register with the Berlin Registration Authorities – a requirement that also applies to German nationals. This registration must occur within the first two weeks of arrival.

Residence Permits

For a stay lasting longer than three months, non-EU/EAA students will require a Residence Permit. The following documents are required to obtain this:

  • Proof of adequate financial resources
  • Proof of adequate health insurance cover

Adequate financial resources must be documented to ensure that no social security benefits from Germany need to be claimed during the stay. EU/EEA students must provide credible proof that they have adequate financial resources (this equates to the maximum educational assistance rate – BAföG – at their disposal which currently amounts to €670 per month).

For those students that required a visa for entry and the planned stay extends beyond the visa’s period of validity, this stay must be authorised. In such cases, a residence permit is required. Students who entered Germany on a national visa and plan a longer stay must have the temporary entry and residence permit included in their visa changed into a longer-term residence title before it expires. These students, however, must also report to the registration authority within two weeks of arrival.

Adequate health insurance policy must cover the following benefits:

  • Medical and dental treatment
  • Medicines/drugs, dressing/bandages, health/medical aids
  • Hospital treatment
  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy and childbirth