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You’ve no doubt heard about our special relationship with Music Week, the number one music business magazine. BIMM is proud to sponsor their regular industry showcase night, RADAR, which takes place every month at Chelsea’s Under The Bridge.

Each event provides a live showcase of excellent unsigned and newly-signed talent on the UK scene, performing to a room full of industry professionals.

Each month the show opens with the ‘BIMM Breaking’ slot, where one of BIMM’s undergrad or alumni acts open the show in a nerve-wracking but enviable performance slot.

At the February event, our opening act was Tom Dunne. Tom shared the bill with Mic Lowry, Kioko, The Wholls, X&Y and Orfan. We caught up with Tom to find out what the experience was like…

How was your performance, Tom?

“It went really well! It makes a difference playing a beautiful venue with great monitoring. You just feel comfortable with the sound and can get on with it, and enjoy it! With uni being just down the road we had loads of support which is always cool.”

Did you get an opportunity to network?

“It was great networking with the other artists first off. It’s always good to play shows where the other acts make music as their full-time job. You can learn a lot and make good friendships.”

What do you think of the event and the opportunities it gives to students?

“It was one of our favourite gigs so far. Really professional, and hopefully an honest taster of shows to come! The organisations involved are all well respected, so I think people take notice if they showcase an act. We gained followers and met cool people who we can meet and work with in the future. We also appreciate the little things, like good photos on a wicked stage. They help a lot!”

How have you found your time at BIMM?

“I’ve really enjoyed being in a community of like-minded people, who are now friends. Everyone helps each other with hook-ups and opportunities. It’s really nice.”

How has BIMM helped you move forward in your music career?

“The students and staff you meet are either already in or working their way into the industry I want to be in. It really helps with people introducing you to people, and obviously, the industry recognises this and looks to BIMM for emerging talent. I met a great band at BIMM that I’ve been playing with for over a year now. The opportunity to play every day is something I have come to realise has been excellent for me. You don’t always see the improvements in black and white, but just putting in the hours pays off!”

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POSTED ON: March 10, 2016
  • London, Songwriting