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When the successful and critically-acclaimed metallers Rise To Remain split, three of the group quickly formed a new band, As Lions.

They needed to recruit a couple of new members with exceptional presence, ability and attitude, and we’re really proud that BIMM London Bass student Stefan Whiting was one of their choices.

When he was sent the demos and asked to become part of As Lions, Stefan couldn’t wait to join the band.

Stefan was knocked out by the, “Amazing song writing, great layers, great vocals and a great direction — I could not wait to be a part of it!”

The new band features Rise to Remain’s Austin Dickinson, Will Homer and Conor O’Keefe, and they have already had features in metal bibles Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.

Things got big pretty quickly after Stefan joined, and he’s having to quickly adjust to fame!

“Kerrang had published the first article on us, focusing on the end of Rise to Remain and the first look of the new band. It was pretty surreal, I have to say! Along with that, Kerrang had announced our first single ‘The Fall’ at 10am. My phone did not stop buzzing!”

Singer Austin is certain he’s put a great band together, and is confident of their chances in the coming year, saying to Metal Hammer:

“‘The Fall’ is a song seething with an energy and determination that I have never felt before. It’s a direct, impassioned and honest statement of intent for our future. 2015 is the year that UK rock breaks down even more walls, and we are here to help light that fuse.“

After the band streamed their new song, it was immediately picked up and played on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show by their resident rock champion, Daniel P. Carter.

What a start to your career! Good luck, Stefan!

POSTED ON: January 12, 2015
  • London, Bass