Scott Williamson & The Wild Cards - Give Me Something

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Monday is here, and so is Track of the Week! Here’s the latest release from BIMM Dublin Alumnus Scott Williamson & The Wild Cards…

What was the inspiration behind your track?
I didn’t have anything to write about in particular. In the middle of figuring out a melody, the phrase ‘Give Me Something’ just came up and it sparked this idea of a hot and cold relationship. I wanted to write about that situation where you just don’t know what’s going on; Do they like me? Do they hate me? What’s happening?! I think we’ve all been in that situation at some point.

What did your songwriting process involve?
I almost always start with the chorus section of the song. I find it easier to stay focused on the theme if I do that. I had a rough melody worked out in my head so I recorded it onto my phone. I kept singing it over and over again until it turned into something. I remember using random noises to sing the melody until I could figure out the rest. The lyrics and theme kind of presented themselves in the middle of it all. It ended up being one of those songs that pretty much wrote itself.

What do you try and do differently, to make your sound stand out?
I listen to all types of music. When it comes to the sound and arrangement of my own songs, I always try take my favourite aspects of different genres and fit them in somewhere. Especially now that I’m working in a band setting, everyone has an input, so there’s an endless amount of influences and genres to take from. I feel it makes the songs more interesting to the listener and more interesting for us to play too.

Describe your sound in 3 words…
Anthemic, Americana, Rock

Are there any particular artists that inspired you whilst writing the track?
I was listening to a lot of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty at the time. I hopped back and forth between Tom Petty’s ‘Hard Promises’ and Ryan Adams’ self-titled album (2014). In general, when it comes my musical influences, they’re pretty much at the top.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?
The best thing about studying at BIMM has to be the friends you meet along the way. From the students to the lecturers, you learn so much from being surrounded by like-minded people. Everyone’s so supportive, it really keeps you motivated.

What’s the best bit of music advice you’ve been given?
Don’t compromise yourself. Know who and what kind of artist you want to be. Not everyone is going to like what you’re doing, but stay true to yourself and just go for it.

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POSTED ON: September 17, 2018
  • Dublin