Imagine a world without music. No singing. No dancing. No instruments. No festivals. No karaoke. No mosh pits. No soundtracks. No anthems. No music industry. A world without music is a place we simply wouldn’t want to live in. 

Music is important. Music is valuable. Music Made Us. 

So, what is it about music that makes it such an intrinsic part of the human experience? In our new campaign series, ‘Music Made Us’, we’ll be investigating, dissecting and celebrating the cultural importance of music in all its forms, from the most pivotal moments in mainstream music history to the lesser-known intersections of the underground.

We’ll consider music’s power to change lives, affect our personal behaviour, influence our broader communities and play a role in subjects as far-reaching as Society, Politics, Identity and Technology.

Through various forms of media – such as blog posts, videos, interviews, podcasts, masterclasses and events – we’ll hear from artists, creators, music industry figures and BIMM Institute students, who will give their own personal accounts on how music has shaped their lives.

We’ll also shine a light on some of music’s key revolutionaries and pay our respects to those all-important game changers; some you’ll know and some you won’t. The include the likes of:

Rocco Kayiatos

Trans performer, writer, marketing whiz and the first openly transgender man to release an original LP gives a candid account of the importance of music in a heartfelt blog post.

Donna Missal 

US singer songwriter explores themes of identity in today’s music industry, including what it’s like being an unapologetic woman, the importance of LGBTQ+ representation and why age shouldn’t matter.

Andrew Huang

Popular YouTube personality and music producer talks about his work life as a prolific creator in our Podcast, ITMI (Inside The Music Industry).

Jeru The Damaja

A hip hop legend takes stock on the state of the genre today with a straight-talking blog post, relating it back to one of the first wave’s most prominent artists – Public Enemy.

Punit Kavia

Music Journalism graduate from BIMM London explains how a chance encounter with a stolen mobile phone changed the course of his life by introducing him to Grime.

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Music made us
POSTED ON: December 9, 2019
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