BIMM London alumna Maria Mathea has spent the last few years debuting her talents at songwriting camps around Europe, and it looks like her hard work has paid off.

The Swedish-born songstress features on a new single by up-and-coming DJ/producer and Universal Poland signing, Mandee, whom she met during one of these camps.

The song is a cover of ‘Superstar’ by R&B starlet. Jamelia and has already received regular airplay on one of Poland’s biggest radio stations in the run-up to its international release.

“During the camp in Poland I started a collaboration with Mandee,” revealed Maria, who studied Vocal Performance at BIMM. “He had done this crazy good new version of Jamelia’s song Superstar from 2003 and wanted me to sing on it.”

The track, which originally peaked at number three on the UK charts, has been given an EDM makeover, which we’re sure will be a big hit at this year’s electronic festivals and in nightclubs around Europe. ‘Superstar’ has been given a full modern makeover with a stylish lyric video, and an entirely new artistic direction that’s reminiscent of the times. The video received 10, 000 views the first 24 hours!

Maria recalls first getting in touch with her record company ten years ago:

“I sent my first email to Universal when I was 12 (I’m 22 now) asking them to sign me. Attached was a cover of a Britney Spears song. Now ten years later I’ve finally got my first song deal with them, so it’s a real dream come true – after some massive hard work!

Mandee and Maria Mathea’s cover version of ‘Superstar’ is available to stream and download on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

POSTED ON: March 21, 2017
  • London