BIMM Berlin’s Lisa Kögler has caught the attention of more than a few local taste-makers as one half of up-and-coming indie pop and electronic duo, Eveline.

Eveline – who Lisa founded with fellow Berliner and songwriter, Jan Eric Markert – have become a well-known fixture on the city’s burgeoning new music scene, following a string of electrifying live shows and the release of their spectacular debut EP, Scared. Their breathtaking sound has even previously caught the eye of none other than US pop superstar and Queen touring singer, Adam Lambert, whom they recently supported on tour in Germany.

The pair first met while performing at the renowned Jugend Musiziert in Brandenburg and it’s fair to say they’re going places, having recently featured in leading English-language Berlin arts and culture magazine, LOLA. Speaking to the magazine about their partnership and moving to BIMM, Lisa said:

“When we started making music together it was hard for us because we were both living at our parents’ houses. We were an hour and a half from each other by train, and the train only ran twice a day. Since I moved to Berlin to study at BIMM, it has been really easy.”

On standing out from the crowd and doing something unique, both Lisa and Jan spoke about experimenting with a range of instruments and recruiting a host of talented musicians to play live.

“There are so many good singer-songwriters out there that you have to make something more specific or be different,” Lisa revealed. “When we’re live on stage we play with acoustic drums, electronic drums, and a saxophonist who sometimes plays the guitar.”

So, what next for Eveline?

The duo are preparing for a number of highly-anticipated live shows, including a huge headline gig at Berlin’s chic Kantine am Berghain on Tuesday 14 March to promote their EP, as well as appearances at Herzgrün Festival (March 24-25th) and the Frannz Club (Friday 28 April).

Want to hear more? Scared is available to download now on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. Alternatively, check out the video for the EP’s brilliant title track here.

Photograph © Max Helbig

POSTED ON: March 9, 2017
  • Berlin