One of 2014’s biggest breakthrough successes was Hozier, who exploded onto the world stage and charted on both sides of the Atlantic.

So when we heard Hozier was willing to find time in his hectic schedule to come in and talk to BIMM Dublin’s students, we leapt at the chance of inviting him in.

BIMM Dublin constantly strives to bring in great guests: we think that connecting them to our eager young music industry professionals is the best way for them to learn and hit the ground running.

We kept Hozier’s visit a secret from the students, too, so you can imagine their surprise when they turned up for this masterclass and found out who the guest was!

Singer-songwriter Hozier, from Bray in County Wicklow, was greeted by loud applause, and he charmed everyone present with his down-to-earth stories.

Hozier spoke about his rise to fame and passed on a load of useful advice, including insight into the power of the internet:

“The internet was a huge part of my rise to fame. We put the music out for free and I was incredibly lucky… If the work is good and people connect, it will speak for itself.”

Even though he’s been gigging non-stop in Europe and the USA, he admitted he still gets nervous!

“I’m getting more used to playing live — that was a steep learning curve! I went from playing in my attic to playing shows in America… ‘Overwhelmed’ is the word that best describes how I felt!”

“Having good people around you helps: a crew that you trust and a band that you trust.”

Siobhán Killen, BIMM Dublin’s Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing Assistant, experienced the excitement first-hand:

“Everyone was very excited, but it was all quite casual and laid back. Alan Cullivan, our college manager, asked him a few questions to get the ball rolling and then Hozier spent the rest of the time taking questions from our students.”

Of course, he couldn’t have left without playing us a tune or two, and he performed some of his most-loved songs to the rapt crowd, including ‘Cherry Wine’ and ‘To Be Alone’.

What a great way to start the day — it’s not often you get to chat to a superstar before lunchtime!

POSTED ON: January 15, 2015
  • Berlin, Dublin, Global, Guitar, Songwriting, Vocals