Diego Philips - Always The Same

Track of the Week

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for Track of the Week! Here’s BIMM London’s Diego Philips with his latest release ‘Always The Same.’

What was the inspiration behind your track?
I wanted to give something a little more upbeat than what I usually deliver. The song is about repeating patterns in relationships, exposing your own flaws as a human being and the difficulty in being able to change.

What did your songwriting process involve?
The chord progression and the lyrics came out quickly and naturally. We worked hard on delivering a solid, interesting and creative groove to the song. We played the song live a few times and refined it until we were happy with the structure and the dynamics.

What do you try and do differently, to make your sound stand out?
We used a different approach in arrangement of this track. The theme of the song is about repeating things, so we thought it would be interesting to have a repetitive pattern throughout the song; but colour it with different elements. The use of backing vocals was really a revelation to us.

Describe your sound in 3 words…
Warm, Honest and Soft.

Are there any particular artists that inspired you whilst writing the track?
The main guitar part was inspired by John Mayer, but we wanted to have some warm and soft elements, so we took inspiration from people like Michael Kiwanuka & Bahamas. The way to write the melody and the chords were very much inspired by Beatles inspired.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?
All the knowledge you need is inside the walls of BIMM. From the teachers, students, masterclasses, extra activity – there is so much you can learn.

How has BIMM helped you develop as an Artist?
BIMM facilities allow you to access a great range of gear, microphones and instruments. Rehearsal rooms give you a safe space to experiment with your ideas and achieve the sound you imagine.

What’s the best bit of music advice you’ve been given?
“You’re like a tree. The deeper the roots, the taller you are.”

Anything exciting coming up you can share?
We are still playing live regularly and we are going to record our next single this week. Lots of new and exciting things are already planned, we always try to be different and unique, so we are going to keep surprising people with our projects.

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POSTED ON: November 12, 2018
  • London