BIMM Birmingham launches new recording studio

Earlier this academic year, as we welcomed the second cohort of students into one of our newest campuses, staff at BIMM Birmingham were busy behind the scenes building on its already impressive range of facilities with a fully bespoke professional-level recording studio.  

The new facility – which was designed from the ground-up using the in-depth expertise of college Principal Antony Greaves, The Studio People, BIMM tutors and Audient – is now fully operational, providing BIMM Birmingham’s Music Production, Songwriting and Performance students with the opportunity to apply their skills in a professional-level recording environment.

To kick things off on a high note, the studio’s inaugural recording session saw the Fire Tones – a group of fire service personnel from around the U.K. – welcomed into the studio to record and release a Christmas song in aid of The Fire Fighters Charity and the Band Aid Charity Trust.

The single, which is currently the bookies favourite for the coveted UK Christmas no’1 chart position, was produced by BIMM Birmingham tutor Steve Osborne (U2, Happy Mondays, Massive Attack) and overseen by our expert vocal tutor Louise Warren (Ringo Starr, Beverly Knight, Little Mix).

The state-of-the-art live space features superior treatments such as a ‘Live end – Dead end’ arrangement, adjustable acoustics, bass traps, absorption panels and reclaimed wood Schroeder diffusers, the sum of which turns the studio’s live room into a versatile, high quality environment for professional level sound capture. 

Additionally, the dedicated studio control room features an array of analogue and digital equipment, including;

  • An Audient 8024HE 24 channel mixing desk
  • Focal Single6 BE’s, Yamaha HS5’s and Avantone Mixcube monitors.
  •  Genelec 5.1 surround sound speaker system
  • A host of pro’ level software including Pro-tools HD, Logic X, Ableton Live, Universal Audio Ultimate plugins, NI Komplete, Soundtoys Effects Rack, Fabfilter Pro Bundle, Reaper, Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced.
  • Outboard gear such as Warm Audio Limiting Amplifiers, Focusrite Pre-Amplifiers, Universal Audio Apollo pre-amp, Empirical Labs Distressors, Drawmer Compressor, Drawmer Noise Gate, Lexicon FX module
  • Matched Neumann U87, AKG C414, AKG c451b, Rode NT2A & NT55, Aston Starlight, T-Bone RM700, Valve, Rode K2, Shure SM57/SM58, Shure Beta 91A, Shure SM7B, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser e906 and AKG D112 microphones.


“This will give BIMM Birmingham students access to a professional standard recording studio.” Said college Principal Antony Greaves.

Music Production students will develop the skills and techniques required to create and record music, and the performers and Songwriters will work alongside the producers to create a professional sounding recording. This will give the writers and performers a vital advantage when their recordings are heard by others in the industry, and a familiarity with this standard of equipment will enable the Music Production students to make a smooth transition into the industry as soon as they have the opportunity.”

This brand new, state of the art recording studio facility adds to the continued growth of BIMM Birmingham, which offers a spectrum of performance and non-performance courses to those looking to kickstart a career in the music industry.

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POSTED ON: November 16, 2018
  • Birmingham, Music Production