Berlin has long been a cultural melting pot, especially when it comes to the city’s world-famous music scene. From techno to metal, the German capital is home to some of Europe’s best venues and a plethora of talented up-and-coming musicians.

This creative city has just got even more exciting too, following the announcement that Warner Chappell Music (WCM) have just extended their German presence with a brand new office right in the heart of Berlin. These new Riverside offices will mainly revolve around A&R and will serve as an extension to the label’s German HQ in Hamburg and existing office in Munich.

Naturally, everyone at BIMM Berlin is very excited about the arrival of WCM and the positive effect this latest move will have on the city’s burgeoning music scene. We pride ourselves on being close to all the action – BIMM has positioned its colleges in places where there’s a thriving creative music scene that inspires new bands and musicians.

WCM’s move to Berlin also serves as a statement of intent to from the label and their hunt for brand new and undiscovered talent in the German capital, of which we have plenty! Speaking about the move, Warner/Chappell Music’s Managing Director for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Nordics, said:

“Berlin’s cosmopolitan culture, combined with its access to affordable living, continues to attract a new generation of inspired creatives. We’re excited to be opening a new office in a city with such a diverse, innovative songwriting scene. This expansion is part of our commitment to always provide best-in-class services to songwriters from Germany and around the world.”

Jon Platt, Warner/Chappell Music’s Chairman & CEO:

“Germany is the third largest music market in the world, and Berlin is an artistically vibrant capital, so it’s great to have a dedicated team in three different cities, seeking out and nurturing talent across this dynamic country. It is our mission to help great songwriters thrive, wherever they are, and to that end, we are continually growing our global presence.”

The central Berlin complex is a stone’s throw from the River Spree and will feature no less than 20 state-of-the-art studios, as well as songwriter camps and plenty of opportunities for new artists. WCM’s move to the German capital is fantastic news for both the city of Berlin and BIMM. We are elated at their decision to set up their A&R proceedings here.

It goes to show that Berlin is the place to be right now for new artists and musicians, many of whom are sure to benefit greatly from WCM’s presence.

POSTED ON: March 10, 2017
  • Berlin