A brief guide to UCAS Extra

Have you not received the university offers you were hoping for? Perhaps you’ve changed your mind on which subject you’d like to study but have already used your five UCAS choices. Whatever the reason for your change of circumstance, UCAS Extra might just provide you with the alternative option you’re looking for. 

UCAS Extra is available from 25 February and is an opportunity for you to apply for another course if you’ve used all five of your UCAS choices and don’t hold any offers. You can add one choice at a time. If you’re unsuccessful, or you decline a UCAS Extra offer you receive, then you can add another choice, until 5 July 2020.

UCAS Extra is available to anyone who has used all five choices and not accepted a place – it could be because you’ve been unsuccessful with all five, or that you’ve received offers but had a change of heart and decided the course you were considering really wasn’t right for you. Either way, UCAS Extra is another opportunity for you to find a place on a course.

Bear in mind, that although you’re making a new course application, you’ll be unable to go back into your UCAS profile to change your personal statement and/or reference. So, if your personal statement isn’t really applicable to a music orientated course, be sure to contact [email protected] or call us on 08442 646 666 to discuss sending another personal statement that’s more applicable to your newly chosen course.   

You’ll find more information on this subject and more in our UCAS application guide 2020

Or you can click here to check out the official UCAS website for further info.


POSTED ON: May 1, 2018
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