Artist Development

One-on-one tutorials

We know that all our students want a career in the music industry… so we work hard to get you one.

Our expert tutors run Artist Development tutorials which cover a range of subjects aimed at not only getting you employed, but turning you into the sort of musician you want to become.

You’ll receive help and advice on everything from networking skills and assistance with your digital CV, to release schedules, marketing plans, building a fanbase… and much more. In fact, we’ll do all we can to prepare you every step of they way as you build a career for yourself in the music industry.

We’ll use our extensive industry connections to help get you noticed too. We’ll discuss where you’d like your career to go and will do what it takes to help get you there – from organising live industry feedback sessions, networking events, and student media opportunities, to meetings with managers, and auditions for record label A&Rs.

If there’s ever a time when it really pays to be connected, it’s when you’re trying to break into the industry. So connect with us, and we’ll connect you to a life in music.

POSTED ON: September 30, 2014
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