Sam Kidel

Senior Lecturer, Music Production *

Sam teaches Music Production at BIMM Institute Bristol. He is a producer of electronic music, working at the intersection of music and contemporary art. As a solo artist, Sam works in a diverse range of contexts, including records, live performances, film soundtracks, sound installations and theatre. For each new project, he experiments with and adapts his processes, resulting in an eclectic and shifting body of work.

As a former member of Bristol-based collective, Young Echo, described by The Wire magazine as pioneers of a ‘new Bristol sound’, Sam toured with the group around the UK and Europe, building a strong following around their internet radio show and soundsystem performances.

As El Kid, he has produced and released ambient and dance music on several labels (with one track, ‘89’, reaching over 1 million plays on Spotify).

His most recent LP, ‘Disruptive Muzak’, brought together the disparate processes of ambient music composition and conceptual art, asking socio-political questions in a playful way. It received critical acclaim and was awarded Album of the Year 2016 by Boomkat.
Sam's individual and collaborative work has been broadcasted on Radio 1, BBC3, NTS and Radar Radio, shown on BBC4 and France5, and has been written about by publications such as Vogue, The Guardian, Vice, The Wire, MixMag and Fact.

* Freelance lecturer
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