Rick McPhail

Associate Lecturer, Songwriting & Performance

Rick teaches Songwriting at BIMM Music Institute Hamburg. He started his music career at 6 years old as an Elvis impersonator for his parents. Today, he plays live guitar and keyboards for German chart-toppers Tocotronic.

Prior to this, Rick was performing in bands such as post-punk rockers Dish H2O and Venus Vegas, as well as playing keyboards for electronic pioneer Karl Bartos (ex Kraftwerk). In 1999, he moved to Hamburg Germany and in 2000 and has since involved himself in further side projects including Glacier (of maine) and his current band, Mint Mind.

Rick also runs a small studio and has recorded and produced such bands as Swearing at Motorists, Sleeping Policemen, Palmer Franklin, as well as some of his own side projects. He’s also an extreme gear nerd, sometimes building and modifying his own pedals.

Rick's other previous music business related jobs include Popkomm - formerly one of Europe’s largest music industry conventions - from 1999-2004, and EFA - formerly one of Germany’s largest independent record distribution companies.


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