Nadia Buyse

Lecturer, Music Journalism *

Nadia Buyse is a musician, cultural activist and transmedia artist who starts bands as art projects. Using tropes of pop music and DIY processes, her work is in conversation with post diaspora, consumer technologies, hybrid art practices, decolonization, intersectional feminism, and transnational communities.

Nadia has performed and exhibited internationally in venues ranging from peace rallies in Gori, Georgia to (d)OCUMENTA 13 to The Smell in LA. Nadia is one of the co-founders of Music Camp for Girls in Bahrain and has worked with varying rock camps such as Rock camp Portland, Brooklyn, and Munich. She received her MFA in visual studies at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and is completing a PhD at the University of Sussex. She is currently in the bands Snoozers and DUBAIS.

* Freelance lecturer
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