Joel McIver

Writing for Music Journalism Module Leader *

Joel McIver is the bestselling author of over 30 books on rock music; including overseas translations, these have been published in over 100 editions. He has been a full-time writer and editor since 2005; before that he worked as a staffer on Record Collector magazine. He teaches at BIMM Institute Birmingham.

He is currently the editor of Bass Guitar magazine, and contributes to the Guardian and Daily Telegraph among other publications. You can see and hear him on BBC and commercial TV and radio on a regular basis; he also co-hosts a podcast called Dead Rock Stars.

Joel became obsessed with music at the age of three, when his mother bought him an LP called The Butterfly Ball, a Deep Purple side project. In his teens he listened to New Romantic music and synth-pop before discovering thrash and death metal. He still listens to all of the above, 30 years later.

* Freelance lecturer
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