Fabiola Morales

Associate Lecturer, Music Business

Fabiola teaches Music Business at BIMM Institute Bristol. She is a professional musician and singer, working for about 10 years within the Music Industry as a Manager, Booking Agent, Public Relations rep' (PR) and Artist Developer. Currently, she is working as an Artist Developer with the band Mutant-Thoughts from Bristol. And along with the artist Sol Okarina, she leads the 'Women in Music' initiative in Colombia with the American non profit organisation 'Women in Music'.

Fabiola was a beneficiary of the Colfuturo's grant Colombian program in 2014 for postgraduate studies abroad for her Masters degree in Music and Management at the University of Leeds, UK.

During this year, she was invited to work with the Colombian band called Profetas for their performances at the Festival of Contemporary Arts Glastonbury (2015). Later on in 2017, she was Tour Manager for the 'Coletera Criolla Tour' with the Colombian bands Colectro and Masilva, and is also Label Manager of Masilva under Gotok Music company.

Fabiola has participated in different Colombian music markets such as BOmm (Bogota Music Market) for its last 4 versions; Circulart in Medellín (2016) and Micsur (2016) - both as an independent offeror representing independent music groups, and as a buyer on behalf of musical companies such as Gotok Music, where she was also in charge of the booking and live scene of its artists roster.

Fabiola also works with independent live scene music projects such as Sofar Sounds Colombia, contacting and organising the artists and organising logistics for each of the live sessions. From 2017 to 2018, she was the manager of Colombo Venezuelan singer-songwriter artist Sol Okarina.

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