David McFarlane

Associate Lecturer, Computer Music Design

David McFarlane is a Boltonian musician, technologist and participatory music leader. His work primarily explores creative use of music technology, often involving Max/MSP alongside custom-built instruments and hardware.

This has included a box which senses rain and turns it into music for Manchester International Festival, and a concert converting the music of a string quartet into coloured light in real-time for Manchester Science Festival.

David studied a BA in Music at Oxford University, going on to study MA in Composition (Electroacoustic Music and Interactive Media) at Manchester University, and is currently the recipient of Trinity Laban's Learning & Participation (Music) Fellowship. He works for a range of organisations in and around Greater Manchester, leading music sessions in community centres, secure units, and prisons. He also plays regularly as an electric guitarist, mandolinist, and vocalist.

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