In order to be the best, you need to learn from the best.

For over 35 years, we’ve prepared students for a bright future in the music industry. And we’re proud to have some of the music industry’s most experienced and talented lecturers on-board at every college to guide you on your journey towards a career you’ll love.

Have a look through our inspirational lecturers below and see who you’ll be studying under.

Andrew Armour
Senior Lecturer, Music Business

Andrew is a media and marketing professional with a 20 year career spanning music publishing, TV,…

Andrew Garfoot
Industry Placements and Careers Officer

Andrew is the Industry Placements and Careers Officer at BIMM Institute Manchester. He provides one-to-one tutorials…

Andrew Pickering
Senior Lecturer, Music Theory & Songwriting

Andrew teaches Music Theory & Songwriting at BIMM Institute Manchester. As a freelance musical director, songwriter, arranger…

Andy Ghosh
Music Business and Live Performance Workshop Lecturer

Andy teaches Music Business and Live Performance at BIMM Institute Bristol. He is guitar player, songwriter…

Andy Norton
Senior Lecturer, Performance In Context

Andy is a songwriter, arranger, guitarist, bass player and PG Cert Ed qualified Music teacher. Under…

Andy Rea
Senior Lecturer, Festivals & Events/Music Business/PR & Marketing/Journalism

Andy is an award-winning festival founder, freelance event management, public relations and marketing professional, and journalist.…

Andy Rossiter
Lecturer, Event Management

Andy teaches Event Management at BIMM Institute Brighton. He is an independent promoter, manager, label owner,…

Andy Sutor
Drum Lecturer

Andy teaches Drums at BIMM Institute Bristol. He has been working as a professional musician for…

Andy Zammit
Associate Lecturer, Artist Development & Management

Andy Zammit is part of the Artist Development and Management team at BIMM Institute Berlin. He…

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