RSL Level 2 Diploma in the Creative Music Industry

Level 2 Diploma in Modern Music

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A 1-year full-time diploma available at:

On this one-year course, you’ll receive expert tuition in playing your instrument while developing live performance skills.

You’ll gain knowledge of different styles of music, and an understanding of what makes the music industry tick. Everything on the course will be delivered by BIMM’s expert lecturers, who are all prominent music industry professionals with years of experience in the business.


You’ll have a fantastic time studying a subject you feel passionate about, collaborating creatively with fellow aspiring musicians and connecting with the industry. As a BIMM Institute student, many exciting ‘money can’t buy’ networking opportunities will come your way, such as end-of-term gig performances, Masterclasses with global musicians and many more.

UK and EU students aged 18 and under are eligible for funding (subject to academic requirements and previous study).

To make your way as a performer, connect with us, and we’ll connect you to a life in music.


Course specification

Mode of attendance: Full-time

Length of course: 1 year

Awarding institution: RSL

Funding partner: New College Swindon

Campus delivery: Brighton

Language of study: English

Final award and exit awards: RSL Level 2 Diploma in the Creative Music Industry

Admissions Criteria: Two GCSEs at D or above, basic awareness of music notation (i.e guitar tab or chord charts, or treble and bass clef), and performance equivalent to Grade 2 standard are required.

Minimum requirements

Every application is considered on its own merits, but generally a basic awareness of music notation (i.e guitar tab or chord charts, or treble and bass clef) and performance equivalent to Grade 2 standard are required.

Applicants will be required to attend an audition to determine playing level.


The diploma is a great gateway to either taking your first steps in a music industry career or continuing with study in the form of an Artist Development Diploma at BIMM Institute or eventually a BIMM Institute degree.

Course fees

Diplomas are free for UK students aged 18 years and under, providing funding requirements have been met.

Module names and structure may be subject to change.

MPW is where you get to put your hard work in Pre-Production into practice. You’ll meet up with other musicians from the diploma courses and perform together in front of an audience of our expert tutors and your peers.

The live experience and up to date industry knowledge and feedback you receive here will be invaluable to your development as a live performer.

In Pre-Production, you will work within your chosen instrumental discipline learning the week’s chosen BIMM playlist song. You will prepare and perfect your parts in preparation for your Live Performance Workshop where you will perform the track on stage with a full band.

Each song on the BIMM LPW playlist has been specifically chosen to explore a wide range of creative, stylistic and technical factors that will give you the grounding and skills to succeed as a professional musician.

In this session you will work towards one of your BIMM gigs at a fantastic Brighton venue. Topics studied include rehearsal technique, promotion, marketing, leadership, venues and promoters, tour management and stage craft.

This class is a study of the sounds and styles of some of the world’s most influential musicians in order to broaden the range of your own stylistic knowledge.

A good technique is essential to any professional musician’s practice. You will be taken through a logical technical study path, to facilitate better technique.

This class aims to provide the necessary tools to enable you to construct a body of finished songs and lyrics, based on your own creative ideas. Having a grasp of the mechanics of songwriting is essential for any serious musician.

Practical music industry knowledge that will help you plan your career. You will be taken through all aspects of the music industry, including record and publishing deals, management, music synchronisation, legal issues, copyright, music teaching, live music and business plans.

Group Tutorials, is a dynamic and conversational space for general course management. In this session you will discuss up and coming events and activities, recording sessions, assessment, masterclasses, important course notices, as well as analysing music ideas and practice and all things related in a wider context.

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our courses or if you’d like more information on how to apply to BIMM Institute, please contact our Admissions Team on 0344 2 646 666 or email [email protected].


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