Statement on Diversity

BIMM Institute Germany

BIMM Institute stands in solidarity with Black and Brown communities, and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

So much of the music we enjoy is indebted to Black culture and Black history. We acknowledge this and will work with our lecturers and students to rectify our curriculum and ensure due credit is given to Black musical history and its contributions to modern music. 

As an international educational institution connected to the global music industry, we acknowledge that we are part of an industry that is still working to combat the effects of systemic racism.  BIMM is committed to fighting against racism in all its forms. We are fully engaged in the process of examining and recalibrating our core values to ensure BIMM policies and practices align against racism at all levels.  The BIMM management is working and consulting directly with Black professionals as well as students and our staff to make positive changes within our institution.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all Black and Brown people feel safe and receive fair treatment on every BIMM campus and in every BIMM classroom.  

Black lives matter. In our communities and in our institution.