Personal Tutor Scheme

We are excited to introduce you to our Personal Tutor scheme, a new three-year program of individualised support for all incoming students that will help you to settle into life at BIMM. This is in addition to the extensive tutorials that BIMM is so well known for.

We know how important it is to you that you get to know the staff and your fellow students on your course before you join, so we will introduce you to your Personal Tutor in late July to give you time to connect and they will facilitate introductions to your fellow students

Who are Personal Tutors?

A Personal Tutor is a BIMM lecturer who has a wealth of experience in your chosen study area. You will each be assigned a dedicated tutor, who can support you in your studies, life as a student at BIMM and your career development.

Why do we think this is important?

As professionals, sometimes we look back on moments in our lives and think, I wish I knew then what I know now! A Personal Tutor isn’t going to give you all of the answers, but they can help you to work out what questions to ask, who to ask, and how to develop and nurture your own unique strengths and confidence in what you have to offer.

How will a Personal Tutor help you over the summer and during your first semester at BIMM?

Starting higher education is a big decision and represents a lot of change at once. A Personal Tutor can help you navigate through these new experiences, tackle the challenges along the way and help you make more informed decisions about your learning. We think this will be particularly useful this year to help you get the most out of the blend of online and on-campus learning experiences.

How will a Personal Tutor help beyond your first semester?

Beyond your induction at BIMM a Personal Tutor will help you define and refine your career goals, connecting you to opportunities that will help you gain invaluable insight and experience to support your journey to a dream career. They can tell you more about how our local student support teams, careers teams and diverse lecturing teams can support your individual needs and personal goals.

When will this start?

If you have accepted your offer you will be invited to start connecting with other future students and key members of staff. Via email, you will be invited to a 1:1 Zoom tutorial with your Personal Tutor before enrolment weekThis will be an opportunity for you to get to know each other, to ask questions about the course or how you might best prepare for Semester 1.

Your Personal Tutor will also invite you to an online tutor group meet up where meet up, where you will virtually meet some of your classmates, share interests, or discuss projects and collaboration ideas you have. Already we have seen many applicants connecting over Facebook and working on collaborative digital projects, it’s inspiring to see the creative community beginning to build already.

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our Personal Tutor scheme, please contact our Admissions Team on 0344 2 646 666 or email [email protected]


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