2020/21 Curriculum Delivery

Our priority is the safety of the BIMM student community, and we will continually review the changing environment and guidance throughout the coming year. We understand the desire for students to use the college’s facilities, and we are committed to giving our students as much access to our buildings as is possible, whilst working within public health guidelines.

We fully intend to offer full and complete access to the college as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we will be offering a mixture of online and physically taught modules on each course.

Social distancing will mean that your class sizes will be reduced, allowing us to spend more time with each of you individually.

A side effect of these smaller class sizes is that we will require more classrooms, and as music and education are collaborative, we will be investing in additional space ready for September so that you will be in a room with your fellow students as often as possible.

We have great relationships with music venues and businesses in each of our cities, so we will be working with them to deliver some of your classes safely in those locations

You will also have access to our college facilities outside of lesson time for your project work or rehearsals, and we have partnered with Pirate Studios to provide you with 24/7 access to rehearsal space in all 5 UK Colleges.

For information on Postgraduate course delivery, please click here.

For information on Further Education course delivery, please click here.

What will your undergraduate BIMM course look like in September?

  • Assuming that health guidance allows, we will run the majority of your first year in the college.
  • As the risk to health is likely to be highest in Semester 1, you will study one module in the college with the remaining three provided online. If Government guidance allows, we will move a 2nd module into the college.
  • For Semester 2 which starts on 25th January, we intend to run all modules at the college.
  • Should the social restrictions ease in Semester 2 but not allow for all modules to be in the college, we will run as many as we can on-site.
  • If restrictions tighten further, then we have the ultimate flexibility to move all modules online, so that there is no interruption to your education. We will communicate any potential changes like these described as early as we can.
  • This balanced and adaptable approach will help you to build a community with the students and staff in the college safely. It will give you access to our industry-standard equipment and facilities and ensure that you are ready to be a working music industry professional by 2023.
  • We believe this will provide the best of both worlds – with some modules working particularly effectively online, while you still benefit from the community, space and resources in the college.
  • Any students who do not have the necessary equipment to learn online can apply for either financial or technical support through our Fair Access Fund.
  • We’re aware that not all students will be able to travel to a new city in September, due to travel restrictions or health concerns. So, for that reason, we will offer all modules to those students online.
  • The online modules will feature a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous content, which in simple terms means you will be able to study at your own pace, in your own time, and in the peace and comfort of your own personal space.
  • Tutorials (Academic, Artist Development, Careers and Wellbeing) will all continue to be available, and these will be a combination of both online and face to face as appropriate.


Full details on which modules of your course will be in the college or online, are available here:

Single Honours


Joint Honours

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our 2020/21 curriculum delivery plan, please contact our Admissions Team on 0344 2 646 666 or email [email protected].


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