Kevin Murray

Founder - Vamp & Fade PR

Kevin Murray is the Founder of Vamp & Fade PR. He studied Songwriting at BIMM Institute Dublin and become inspired to go into PR after learning about the business side of the industry during his course.

After graduating from BIMM Institute Dublin, Keven worked for a PR company for a year before starting his own company. For Vamp & Fade PR, he plans to keep building his global network of contacts and hopefully work more closely with labels.

“Studying at BIMM gave me a greater insight into the workings of the industry”, he says. “Although I studied Songwriting, the broad scope of the classes allowed me to learn about PR and the business side of the industry. When having my job interview for my first job in PR, it was obvious that just the fact I went to BIMM was a huge plus.

“A huge part of BIMM is the connections made through your lecturers and your classmates. There’s not a week goes by where I don’t run into someone that is either at BIMM or alumni.”

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Photo credit: Stephen White

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