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BIMM alumni, Charlie Baldwin, performs as Kasket, and has come a long way since his days studying a Diploma in Drums at BIMM Brighton. Born in South London, he’s the son of the world-renowned jazz guitarist, Ray Russell, so cut his teeth in the world of music from a very early age, playing sessions and tours with Matt Berry and Geno Washington, and alongside the likes of Ralph Salmins, Gary Husband, Mo Foster and David Hentschel. 

At the age of 16, Charlie discovered the sequencer, and delved into exploring the worlds of garage and dubstepwhich led to the release of ‘4Her’ on ScrewlooseRecords. After graduating from BIMM, he went looking for a new direction and ended up moving to Berlin – a city he knew would really fuel his creativity and push him to new artistic heights.

And with this move, Kasket’s music progressed too – into combination of found sound, IDM and ambient, which quickly found its way into the hands of R&SRecords’ sister-label, Apollo Records, who went on to release his ‘August Fades’ EP in the same year. 

The combination of Berlin and Apollo proved to be just the right mix for Charlie, who went on to release his second EP for the label, ‘Warm Regards’ – which explored jazz and funk influences – in late 2013. Kasket’s latest EP, ‘Where Is Alice’, was released in April 2014 and has been described as a melting pot of his influences so far, with knowing nods to prog, psych and ambient.

As a musician, Charlie has always been reluctant to follow trends; instead he’s experimented with new and original sounds, and has staunchly stuck to his guns, believing that people will make up their own minds about what they do and don’t like when it comes to music. Being in the creative city of Berlin has clearly helped him be true to himself, and in the process, he’s won rave reviews for Kasket’s multi-layered, cross-genre and bass-driven sounds.

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