Further Education Policies

Academic standards and quality are overseen by the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Team (ADQA).

Academic standards and quality is overseen by the Academic Development & Quality Assurance Team (ADQA). The team is led by Andrew Bates (Academic Director & Provost) supported by Mark Irwin (Dean of Learning Teaching and Research), Ruairí Ó Niocail (Academic Registrar), Adam Zebedee (Deputy Academic Registrar), Richard Harvey (Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching) and Jason Knight (Dean of Academic Development).

The team is further supported by Will Renwick (Quality Assurance Officer) and Tom Hinks (Academic Development Officer (Learning & Teaching)).

Queries regarding ADQA matters can be emailed to: [email protected]

This team works closely with the Group Executive Principal’s, College Principal’s and Head’s of Education in each BIMM college to manage, develop and enhance academic quality.

All key BIMM Group policies, regulations and processes for Further Education Courses can be found in the BIMM Further Education Academic Development and Quality Manual as laid out below.

Section 1: FE Student Induction and Enrolment Policy

Section 2: FE Registration and Certification Policy

Section 3: FE Student Charter

Section 4: FE Student Engagement Policy

Section 5: FE Student Representation Policy

Section 6: FE Equality and Diversity Policy

Section 7: FE Harassment and Bullying Policy

Section 8: FE Data Protection Policy

Section 9: FE Safeguarding Policy

Section 10: FE Social Media Policy

Section 11: FE Learning and Teaching Policy

Section 12: FE Academic Staff Appointment and Continuing Professional Development

Section 13: FE Teaching Observation Policy

Section 14: FE Careers Advice and Education Policy

Section 15: FE Fitness to Study Policy

Section 16: FE Student Support Policy

Section 17: FE Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustment Policy

Section 18: FE Assessment and Marking Policy

Section 19: FE Internal Verification Policy

Section 20: FE Academic Malpractice Policy

Section 21: FE Complaints and Appeals Policy

Section 22: FE Student Disciplinary Policy

Section 23: FE Quality Assurance Policy

Section 24: FE Student Code of Conduct

Section 25: FE Conflict of Interest Policy