2021/22 Curriculum Delivery

We can’t wait to welcome students back to our colleges across the UK in September 2021.

Updated 15th June 2021

The past 12 months have been a challenging time for everyone. When the whirlwind first hit, we knew the BIMM experience needed to differ slightly from usual. As an organisation, BIMM Institute is unique: we’re small enough to change direction quickly while large enough to provide all the right resources as and when required.

Safety is always our number one priority. When the pandemic forced everything to close in March last year, we immediately and seamlessly switched our tuition online. Our creative approaches to delivering lessons meant our students could continue their education, regardless of the limitations thrown upon us all.

However, we were aware of how important it is to have personal interaction: to work, play, and collaborate together. So, as restrictions eased, we moved to a blend of online and in-college tuition. This allowed us to implement safety while also giving everyone that much-needed human interaction and face-to-face time. We could manage safety with face masks, social distancing, temperature checks, regular testing, and even a bespoke stage system that cleaned the air between performances so that singers could safely sing at full volume.

This approach resulted in no evidence of in-college transmissions, even though students were still regularly attending classes together. All these measures remain if necessary.

Naturally, we’re hoping not to need these measures in the same way, but we will, of course, follow Government guidance should the situation change. Thankfully, there are many positive signs that vaccinations are having the desired effects.

What to expect from September 2021

Looking towards the future, we are planning to have an entirely on-site experience from September 2021. In addition to our course delivery, we will have an extensive extra-curricular provision including:

All the things you would normally expect as a BIMM student will be here and waiting – ready for you to start your music career.

Any questions?

For any questions regarding our 2020/21 curriculum delivery plan, please contact our Admissions Team on 0344 2 646 666 or email [email protected].


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